What is a refund voucher?

You are entitled for a refund voucher if you have returned an item, in which you paid through cash on delivery. This refund is redeemable on our website for the price of the item(s) you returned. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product you received, we give you the possibility to return it for free and would issue you a refund voucher for the value of the item that you are returning. This will give you the opportunity to always choose the item of your choice!

Note: This refund voucher can be used only once! If there is a balance remaining from your voucher; contact us at our numbers at 9200 1 9234 (KSA) / 800449234 (UAE) / +965 1820 011 (Kuwait) / +97317330434 (Bahrain), and we will request a new refund voucher with the remaining balance.