Smartphone Exchange Offer

Wadi's "Smartphone Exchange Offer" is an offer to all our Wadi customers. In this offer, we accept your old phone* and exchange it for a voucher equivalent to that phone's worth, to use it for deduction of the price of the new one.

*Such an offer is available for the Apple iPhone Xs at the moment, but we will be rolling it out for other phones soon.

​Terms & Conditions

  • Only working phones with valid IMEI number will be accepted
  • Touch & Display must be intact & working
  • In case of iphones. iCloud needs to be removed
  • In case of android phones, Gmail account needs to be removed (Phone need to be formatted completely)
  • All hardware buttons must be working
  • No part of the phone should be broken
  • Exchange coupons can be used only against newly launched iphone X
  • Only listed phones on this table are valid for exchange
  • Only one phone can be exchanged against a new phone at the moment
  • Phone must not be stolen/purchased illegally
  • In case the old phone doesn't meet above mentioned terms &
    conditions, it will be sent back to the customer
  • In case of cancellation/return of the new iphone, old phone will not be returned
  • Customer will get a refund in Wadi wallet which can be used to purchase any product from